Monday, January 30, 2006


Hi all,
Sorry for not posting much over the last while - I've been busy.
Anyways, this is an addition to the last post - on Courage.
This weekend was Youth Encounter at Prov. Most of you know what YE is - a giant retreat for youth, kinda like Youth Quake. Most students at Prov get involved in some way or another, and this year, I was helping out with Security. Every year, Prov gets some great bands for YE, and this year was no different - we had Kutless and The Reception. They had a huge concert Saturday night, with approximately 1200 people packed into the Prov gym. My role during this was front-stage security. This meant that I had to stand between the front stage and the crowd, preventing them from getting to the stage, but most importantly, keeping anyone from getting hurt.
The entire concert was exhausting. Myself and probably 20 other guys were working stage-front, and the crowd was really intense at times. The pressure was constant, and I had to work extremely hard to ensure that people weren't getting onstage. This was fairly difficult - having four or five people on top of you at all times, as well as the crowds behind them surging forward at unpredictable times. But the evening ended, and all of us had done our job. And I felt great.
Here's why I felt great - I was fighting my battle that I described in my last post. I was working as part of a team to keep people safe - people that I probably hadn't met or will never see again. But I was working - actually physically pushing and working against the forces that, uncontrolled, could wreak havoc and hurt people badly. But we didn't let them overcome us. We stood strong, and were not overcome.
After the concert, a friend told me how a girl who was in her dorm was talking about me after the concert. She said that I really helped, because when she was about to fall down, she grabbed onto me and I helped her stay up. That made me feel really good. Other stories from the night were also told about the other guys who were doing security. We have overcome, we have fought our battle, and have been found worthy.


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