Saturday, February 20, 2010

Found on Boundless

Reading an article titled "Changing Norms Offer Opportunities" on Boundless, I came across this comment.  The article talks about how there seem to be fewer quality men out there, so women must adjust their strategies to attract men.  The article is mostly irrelevant, but in the comment section, there was a gem of insight that I thought I'd post.  This is for all people who are married or desire to become married.

Posted by Kari (#10)
Marriage was never intended to make us happy, but holy... I've been married for 6 months, and yes, it is hard! I can say it would be easier to not be married. But better? I would respectfully submit that it is far better to learn vulnerability and trust, and have the rough spots and sinfulness in my own heart gradually buffed out, rather than isolating myself to pursue activities that protect me from annoyances.


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